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Stamped concrete: Concrete that is patterned to have the look of stone, tile, wood, brick, and pavers.

Textured Concrete: Concrete that has a textured surface but no distinct patterns.

Acid Stain: Concrete that is stained by a chemical reaction from the acid and the concrete, these tend to have a variegated look and can resemble stone and marble from a far.

Vertical stamping and overlays: Both these are accomplished with the same product. Vertical stamping is done on walls or vertical surfaces and overlay is on floors or horizontal surfaces.

Countertops: Countertops can be endless in design and shape, amazing possibilities.

Metallics: These are very similar to acid stains done on interior floors only, but have metallic colors instead of earth tone colors.

Outdoor living areas: Any patio area in which the customer desires an area outside in which to provide seating, grilling, or fireplace to obtain more living space outside of the home.

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